Secrets and Hope in Our Mad World

Early in 2017 I read George Marshall’s book ‘Don’t Even Think About It: Why We are Wired Not to Think About Climate Change’ and I decided I would think about it. And I would read about it. Then I would write about it.

I write as a 'non-expert' and I'm hoping that your comments will help me to see whether the insights I've

gained make sense, whether the conclusions stack up and whether it's realistic for me to start feeling

hopeful about the future .

Fancy a nice cosy relationship with the US?

Rarely a day passes without some news which gets me going ...

Yesterday's was the news that President Trump is very keen to get a trade agreement with us very soon.  I bet he's keen.

First, we've been led to believe (is it true or fake news?) that the Internet billionaires influenced the Brexit vote so that we are now leaving our friends in the EU.  The US billionaires will be looking for a return on their investment me thinks.
Then,  I remember that the TTIP negotiations have been 'put on ice'  following lots of opposition across Europe because a trade agreement between the EU and the US (TTIP) would mean we would have poorer food safety regulations (see Jamie Oliver's website) and poorer animal welfare regulations(see   Control would move away from our national government to a  'trade committee' set up under the trade agreement. 
Then, of course, any trade agreement with the US would be sure to include opening our NHS up to yet more privatisation.
The EU,  in the face of lots of opposition across the continent, stopped TTIP negotiations (see  Am just wondering whether Theresa May and her government will give such a listening ear to opposition in this country when our friends in the US try to cement our 'special relationship' with a trade agreement which will nicely line the pockets of the corporate elite.  Talk about 'take back control!'

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