Secrets and Hope in Our Mad World

Early in 2017 I read George Marshall’s book ‘Don’t Even Think About It: Why We are Wired Not to Think About Climate Change’ and I decided I would think about it. And I would read about it. Then I would write about it.

I write as a 'non-expert' and I'm hoping that your comments will help me to see whether the insights I've

gained make sense, whether the conclusions stack up and whether it's realistic for me to start feeling

hopeful about the future .

Readers Needed

For about six months I've been working on some writing which I hope to get published as a book.
I'm not an expert and some of the stuff  I've been reading is pretty difficult to understand but I soldier on.  I have a professional advisor and she's told me I should find a few people to read my work and give me feedback.  So,  if you have the time and interest, please get in touch.  I need all the help I can get!
The idea for the writing came to me when I realised that we seems to be living at a really interesting time in human history and I was really struggling to understand just what's going on.  Then I read a book called 'Don't even think about it:  why we are wired not to think about climate change' and I decided I would think about it.   Then I started to read about it.  And then I started to write about it.
What I've learned is that although so many awful things which are happening in our troubled world are looked at as separate events - the recent awful fire for instance - they are so very often linked to the fact that we have an economic system which concentrates on maximising profit by meeting our physical, material, needs while not taking account of our all-round well-being, the other creatures with whom we share the planet or the natural environment.  School playing fields are sold off without concern for children's health;  community centres turned into flats without considering the impact on the local community;  cheap materials which are not fire resistant are used and people die;  people have several homes while others live on the streets.  The list goes on.  But, I've found light at the end of the tunnel and lots of good stuff is happening.  So I've decided to look for the good stuff and heed Bernie Sanders who said 'despair is not an option'.

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