Secrets and Hope in Our Mad World

Early in 2017 I read George Marshall’s book ‘Don’t Even Think About It: Why We are Wired Not to Think About Climate Change’ and I decided I would think about it. And I would read about it. Then I would write about it.

I write as a 'non-expert' and I'm hoping that your comments will help me to see whether the insights I've

gained make sense, whether the conclusions stack up and whether it's realistic for me to start feeling

hopeful about the future .

A Light Bulb Moment!

Of course the US and Russia are both gleeful about Brexit.  It took me a long time to understand that. Brexit weakens the EU so it's easier for Russia to 'tamper' in the Eastern European states. A Britain out of the EU will no make us pretty easy meat when negotiations get going on the trade agreement which Trump tells us he is very keen on.
I've already come round to thinking that the reason the trade agreement between the EU and the US - TTIP - was put on hold was because the EU regulations on things like food safety and harmful chemicals are much better than in the US. 
When the US comes knocking on our door to make a deal will Theresa May stand up to the pressures to allow hormone-injected beef and genetically modified foods into our supermarkets?  Will she keep our ban on various harmful chemicals which are allowed in the US?   Will she resist the US demands to open up our public services (including the NHS) to bidding by US corporations?  We've already sold many of our essential services (water, rail etc) to foreign countries, will we soon need to turn to US corporations for our health care?
Those who voted Brexit might rue the day.  Didn't they realise that the 'regulations' with which they claimed we were stuck (straight bananas and all that) were really protecting our health and our natural environment? 
And then there is the joke about 'taking back control'  ....  didn't those who voted Brexit realise that it's not WE who will be in control, but those multi-national corporations who are increasingly taking control of our essential services.  

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