Secrets and Hope in Our Mad World

Early in 2017 I read George Marshall’s book ‘Don’t Even Think About It: Why We are Wired Not to Think About Climate Change’ and I decided I would think about it. And I would read about it. Then I would write about it.

I write as a 'non-expert' and I'm hoping that your comments will help me to see whether the insights I've

gained make sense, whether the conclusions stack up and whether it's realistic for me to start feeling

hopeful about the future .

Hormone-injected beef is very tasty!

Have I got this right?? 
Russia and the US were no doubt pretty chuffed with the Brexit result.  The UK leaving the EU will weaken the EU and make it easier for Russia to meddle in Eastern Europe.  With the UK desperate for trade deals with the US this Tory government will do anything to the clinch a deal.    Clorine washed chickens, hormone-injected beef, pesticides which kill bees and the rest ...  Fox reckons the Americans have been eating clorine washed chicken for years without any harm.  How does he know?  Perhaps it accounts for the lunacy which has led them to elect DT as President!


  1. Your comments about the US, Russia and Brexit ring true for me. The UK, which has been part of the European project for forty years, will be quite a vulnerable country in future. People who think the Commonwealth will somehow rescue us and give us the trade we need haven't given too much thought to our problems and their solutions.

    Do you remember going to the Radical Fair in Southend in May? You were trying to find methods for publicising this blog. It might be useful to link to other political blogs in the 'blogosphere' and tell friends and relatives about your blog if you haven't already done so.

    1. Very good to hear from you 'anonymous'. And thanks for your comment and for the suggestion on how I can spread the word about my blog more widely. I'm very keen on writing the blog, especially since we live in such exciting (frightening?) times but I have to admit I'm not too good on the mechanics of how to get a wider readership. Any suggestions very much appreciated!


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